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Rome to Massa, 469 km ( St Augustine Way, in progress )

Published November 14, 2017 by


Well, the first chunk of the new St Augustine Way has been researched, walked and GPS plotted.  Rome to Massa, 469 km. 


Tony will return to Massa in Janauary 2018 to continue the next stretch on his way to southern France.


Read about Tony's adventures on his blog






' Pay As you Feel ' facility launched

Published October 26, 2017 by



A ' Pay As You Feel ' facility is now available on our website.


Our self guided and guided walking holidays do help fund our work, but research, planning, walking and GPS plotting 'new' historic abbey to abbey routes do require additional financial support.


Our research walks take place in the UK, France and in Italy.  This walking is currently funded by us but we would love you to help support this important historical, cultural work going forward.


The non-holiday routes on our website are free for you to download, print and follow at your leisure and convenience.  Please help us continue providing you with this Abbey Walks service !


pay as you feel

Abbey Walks is a ' Pay as you Feel ' website. All information, walk notes and GPX files are free, but if you'd like to make a donation to enable us to continue researching, walking and providing this service, please click on the button below.






St Augustine Way - The Gregorian Mission

Published October 24, 2017 by


Tony is walking in Italy for a month currently.  He is researching and GPS plotting the route that Augustine made 595 AD when he travelled from Rome, Italy to Canterbury, UK as instructed by Pope Gregory.  This route will be made available to Abbey Walks walkers during 2018.


Read more about it in Tony's blog


Ps - have you looked at our 2018 walking holidays yet ?







Launch of Self-Guided Walking Holidays

Published October 02, 2017 by


After a very successful year of providing Guided walking holidays during 2017, we are pleased that our 2018 dates are now available to book.  Catch our Early Bird Offer for a reduced price if you book a 2018 guided holiday before the end of November.

We also now provide self-guided walking holidays for our most popular route ' The Prior Richard Way, via Ripon Cathedral ' between St. Mary's Abbey, York and Fountains Abbey, near Ripon, Yorkshire  This holiday is totally flexible in that it can be taken at any time of year, and you can take as long as you like to walk it.  Check out our self-guided walking holiday page.


Also exciting, is that Tony is about to embark on walking an ancient route between Rome and Canterbury, following the footsteps of St. Augustine who founded Canterbury's Benedictine Abbey in 598 ( which remained a Benedictine monastery until 1538 ).


Tony will walk a total of 2500 km / 1550 miles in 3 chunks, the first of which will start on Saturday 14 November.  He will finish his journey during 2018.


This route will then be made available on our website for you to download / use the walk instructions and / or GPS co-ordinates so that you can also walk this route.
So, watch this space or our home page for links to his blog.


We hope to see you soon !





Walking Holidays with Abbey Walks

Published January 24, 2017 by


Not only do we provide free downloadable walk descriptions and GPS coordinates for short, medium and long distance linear and circular walks in the UK, but we also offer UK Walking Holidays for our most popular routes.


These walking holidays can be treated as opportunities to walk in beautiful English countryside, or as pilgrimage routes enabling you to follow journeys made by monks in the 12-14th centuries.


Check out our Walking Holiday page our routes and prices, and our frequently asked questions.


We hope to see you soon !




Redundancy sets Otley man on fresh path

Published February 04, 2016 by


For most people, redundancy is a blow that can seem like 'the end of the road'.

But for Otley man, Tony Maskill-Rogan, losing his job was to set him on a brand new path – along ancient routes once trodden by monks. Read more

Article published in the Ilkley Gazette + Wharfedale Observer, Thursday 22 October 2015




Burn more calories by varying your walking speed

Published February 02, 2016 by


A person’s metabolic rate increses by approx 20 percent whenchanging walking speed rather than when walking at a constant pace. Read moreWalking speed




Don Stevenson proves you're never too old to walk!

Published January 09, 2016 by


Adventurer of the Week: Auburn’s Don Stevenson, who is driven to walk,  starts a 1,000-mile walk on his 80th birthday.


The retired pastor, Marine and truck driver estimates he’s walked about 60,000 miles since 1998, each step to raise money and awareness for a cause. Many of his 21 long-distance walks have been dedicated to a friend.


“Knowing that I’m doing it for someone else gives me a great feeling,” the Auburn man said. “It sounds selfish, but it is really rewarding to know that I’m helping others.” Read more

Posted in The Olympian




Walk Japan's 750-mile Buddhist pilgrimage to visit 88 Temples.

Published January 02, 2016 by


For centuries, religious pilgrims, and latterly thrill-seekers and those wanting to “find themselves”, have undertaken a month-long trek across northern Spain, along the Camino de Santiago.


Few, if any, of the 200,000 or so people who complete the walk each year will realise that it is now being used as a blueprint to market and promote others around the world. About 500,000 mostly Japanese Pilgrims walk the Way of the 88 Temples, a 750-mile path through the island of Shikoku’s Buddhist past.

Read more

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