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Abbey Walks: History

Initially we are mapping routes walked by Cistercian monks in the Middle Ages.  Below are three subjects of history which link the Cistercians to Abbey Walks:


working monksWho were the Cistercian Monks?

The Cistercian family of monks takes its name from the word Cistercium, Latin for Citeaux, a village just south of Dijon in France. A small community of monks first settled at Citeaux in 1098 having been unhappy with the nature of monastic observance at their previous Benedictine monastic community of Molesme, Burgundy, France...

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Citeaux Abbey

Citeaux Abbey was founded in 1098 by a small group of monks who wanted to create a new monastic community which closely followed the Rule of Saint Benedict (see History, Cistercian Monks).  It is located in the Saone Valley, Burgundy, France. The location that the monks arrived at was a remote deserted swamp and forest area, which the monks worked to cultivate...

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St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Bernard de Montbard was born in 1090.  He was the son of the Lord of Fontaine, the head of an aristocratic French family.  Bernard was a child of fragile health leading to him spending much time separate from his siblings and contemporaries and was entrusted by his family to the local church canons...

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Walking can be a dangerous sport.  Walkers should always be suitably equipped, including carrying and knowing how to use a map and compass.