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 ' Pay As you Feel ' facility launched


A ' Pay As You Feel ' facility is now available on our website.


Our self guided and guided walking holidays do help fund our work, but research, planning, walking and GPS plotting 'new' historic abbey to abbey routes do require additional financial support.


Our research walks take place in the UK, France and in Italy.  This walking is currently funded by us but we would love you to help support this important historical, cultural work going forward.


The non-holiday routes on our website are free for you to download, print and follow at your leisure and convenience.  Please help us continue providing you with this Abbey Walks service !


pay as you feel

Abbey Walks is a ' Pay as you Feel ' website. All information, walk notes and GPX files are free, but if you'd like to make a donation to enable us to continue researching, walking and providing this service, please click on the button below.





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We love to hear from fellow walkers and history fans. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you when we’re back from our next walk!




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Walking can be a dangerous sport.  Walkers should always be suitably equipped, including carrying and knowing how to use a map and compass.