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Sleeping Mats

abbey monkWe each used different sleeping mats, both of which we highly recommend.


The Exped Downmat Ultralight 7 sleeping mat is filled with 700 fill power goose down as well as with air.  The air is wafted/pumped into the sleeping mat via the ‘ Schnozzle Bag ‘ providing air that keeps the down in the mat dry.  This down gives the mat insulation properties, and the air cushions any ground unevenness allowing for an amazingly comfortable sleep.


The down mat is 7cm thick x 52 cm x 183 long, and gives thermal comfort up to minus 24 C.  It weighs 590g, and packs to 11cm x 23 cm, the size of a pint glass!


The other sleeping mat that we used, and will use again is the Thermarest Neo Air Xlite.  This has a distinctive ribbed yellow appearance, with its tapering shape towards the feet. There is no down in this mat, but instead air that is captured in the baffled internal structure leading to excellent support, stability and warmth. 


The Neo Air Xlite is only 6.30 cm thick, but is super supportive.  The patent ThermaCapture system that applies to the outer material prevents heat loss, again allowing a comfortable night’s sleep without feeling the cold from underneath as happens with many mats.


Again, this is ultralight, weighing just 353g, at 51 cm x 183 cm and packs to a tiny 10 cm x 23 cm. The only slightly negative comment regarding this mat is that it crinkles and crunches when the sleeper moves or turns on the mat.  We always wear earplugs, so to us this was never an issue.








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