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Stage 37 - Tournehem to Wisques




18.7km / 11.6 miles

IGN map


GR Top100 map -  101 Lille Boulogne-sur-Mer



4 - 4.5 hours average time based on Naismith’s rule

Total ascent   376m
Total descent   313m

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The walk continues to follow the GR145 Pilgrimage route most but not all of the time. It is a mixture of tracks and roads and is not hard. There are a few hills but these are not steep or long. There is a detour to follow the ancient track La Leulene to Wisques.





Walk Description :


1 - With the Marie (Town Hall) behind you turn right and second right down Rue de Broukerque. Turn left and the end (Church on the left), then left again and immediately right up Rue Blanche.


2 - After the top of the hill turn left - Chemin de Saint Omer. Ignore the marked (GR145) track on the left but continue slightly right along the road. Turn right towards the woods and past the windmill. Soon turn right and immediately left down the green track (marked Sentier du Bois D’Ello).


3 - The track will end at a road. Cross over and carry straight on and then cross over the next road and carry directly on. The track will arrive at a junction. Turn right and then left up the hill on the road.


4 - Cross over the motorway and then turn right down Rue Culem. Turn left up the main track to-wards the woods (not towards the quarry). Continue along the main track ignoring other tracks left and right to arrive at the road (Moringhem D209).


5 - Turn left then right down the track (La Leulene milestone). At the top of the hill turn right, then soon left and down the hill keeping on the main track to the road. Go straight across down Rue St Lambert, past the church bearing left down the main road before then keeping right down the hill.  Take the marked path right along the grass lane to the main road.


6 - Turn right and then left down Route de Lueline. This is a modern road that follows the ancient track. Follow this to pass the Abbaye Saint-Paul on the left. Keep on the path between the wall and the hedge and then turn right at the end. Go uphill to pass the Abbey Notre Dame in Wisques.




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Walking can be a dangerous sport.  Walkers should always be suitably equipped, including carrying and knowing how to use a map and compass.