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Italy - Accommodation on the Via Francigena

abbey monkThis page provides a choice of accommodation for walkers on the Italian section of the Via Francigena. Italy offers many different accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets and this is shown in the directory on this page.


* Note - an updated and more convenient pdf with over 500 listings is now available - click here for more info*


Italy sees many more Pilgrims travelling through it than France does as there are a number of different starting points in Italy for shorter sections of the Via Francigena to Rome.


There are many opportunities of cheap accommodation in convents, monasteries, religious houses and pilgrim hostels, but some may be restricted to Pilgrims only, so having the Pilgrim Passport is necessary. It was common for me to be greeted with ‘Buon Camino’ on my travels.


There are some Youth Hostels in italy but not many directly on the Via Francigena route.  There are also a few campsites along the VF which may help keep the cost of the Pilgrim journey through Italy down. Wild camping is not permitted.


It is advisable to carry the Via Francigena Pilgrim Credential / Passport with you.  It is a personal and official document that Pilgrims can have stamped at the beginning of their journey and at each accommodation venue  along the way to Rome. With proof of Pilgrim status ie posession of this Pilgrim Passport you are often permitted reduced accommodation rates in B&Bs, hostels, town halls, convents, monasteries and campsites.

The Pilgrim Passport can be obtained from Canterbury or Reims Cathedral along with a Pilgrim blessing, or it is available on-line at

In Rome you may receive the Testimonium (Testimonium Peregrinationis ad Limina Petri) as proof of completing the Pilgrimage.  In order to obtain this you should enter the Vatican City through the gate called "Ingresso del Petriano” in the “Piazza del Sant’Uffizio”, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 9,30  to 12,30 a.m.  The Passport and the Testimonium are very nice souvenirs.


This accommodation directory was correct at the time of publishing. Please contact us if you see any corrections that are necessary, or with further recommendations of listings that should be added.


Please use the below searchable directory to find accommodation that suits your needs.  You can filter by walk name, town, accomodation type and price code (see key below), and visit the accommodation website by clicking on the links below, OR you can purchase a more up to date, comprehensive and convenient pdf list of all VF accommodations.


* Please note that the Parrochia St Martin, in Aosta no longer offers Pilgrim accommodation *


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